Fresh Produce for You, A Tree for the Planet

Fresh Produce for You, A Tree for the Planet

At Ambrosia our commitment to the environment runs deep. That's why we've partnered with EcoDrive, a leading force in sustainability, to create positive change. For every order you place, we will plant a tree, coming together to make a difference, one linen bag at a time.

Sustainable Mangrove Restoration Efforts in Kenya

Currently, with your support, we are focused on a vital project: the restoration of mangrove forests in Kenya. Mangroves, these unique short and bushy saltwater trees, play a crucial role in stabilizing coastlines and protecting communities during turbulent tropical storms. By restoring these native species, we are safeguarding both the land and the livelihoods of coastal communities. What sets our restoration efforts apart is the meticulous care and attention given by the EcoDrive team. Every mangrove tree is hand-planted with complete transparency. They meticulously record vital data, such as timestamps, lat/longitude coordinates, and captivating images or videos, ensuring verification at every step. Learn more about the extraordinary EcoDrive Kenya Reforestation project and witness the magic unfold.

Planting Trees and Empowering Communities

This project goes beyond mere environmental impact. By planting trees in protected regions of Mbuguni, Kenya, we are empowering local, impoverished coastal communities to break the cycle of poverty. Restoring the mangrove estuary, a haven of biodiversity, creates essential fishing grounds and sustainable income sources for these communities.

A Deeper Commitment to Saving the Planet

We celebrate our collective achievements thus far: over 1,200 trees planted and a staggering 872,000 pounds of CO2 removed. With every step towards reducing our carbon footprint, we contribute to mitigating global climate change, enhancing public health, and ensuring the preservation of biodiversity. Cleaner air, water, and food are not only aspirations but actionable realities for ourselves and future generations.

Join Us in This Worthy Cause

By placing an order, you directly impact the environment and communities in need. But that's not all - starting today, in addition to planting a tree for every order, we will plant an ADDITIONAL TREE for EVERY REVIEW you leave on our product pages. Share your love for Ambrosia bags and help us amplify the impact we make on our planet.

Every tree planted, every review shared - together, we can make the world greener, one step at a time.

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