Our mission to make the kitchen a more sustainable place

Ambrosia is female founded, family owned, and ethos-driven with a dedication to reducing food waste at home and doing everything equitably.

We are a fair-wage company operating in Ojai, California, Proud 1% For The Planet Partners and through our association with EcoDrive are planting a tree for every online purchase. We do this not to greeenwash but in an ongoing pursuit to be better stewards of the planet and members of the global community.

Ambrosia-Long Life Linen
Waste less, love the planet

Our values


A tree gets
planted with
every order

Our partnership with EcoDrive guarantees that a tree is planted with every purchase. This helps offset the CO2 created throughout the entire bag-making process, from the flax field, through the supply chain and into your fridge.

The Ambrosia Journey
Ambrosia was founded in 2015 in Ojai, California, and was inspired by my love of linen and an uncompromising dedication to living sustainably.
In 2019, Ambrosia was ready to make a larger impact, so we went national with distribution and small retail partners across the country. 
Starting in 2021, my son Jordan joined the family business. Together, we were even more dedicated to being good stewards of the planet. With our ethical sourcing practices a top priority, we pledged, no matter the scale, to always use the highest quality raw European linen and continue proudly manufacturing fair-wage in Southern California. 
In 2022, we partnered with 1% For the Planet and with the help of Ecodrive, are dedicated to planting a tree for every purchase to reduce the collective carbon footprint further.
Ambrosia-Long Life Linen

Our roots run deep

Jan grew up in Ojai, CA, during the counterculture of the 60s, and has always had a solid connection to Mother Earth. A grassroots family business, Ambrosia Is stepping up our commitment to living sustainably and equitably, by planting trees to offset our carbon footprint and being proud partners of 1% For The Planet.