The Freshest Way to Store Produce

Reusable linen bags that keep produce fresh in the fridge for weeks
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Tackle food waste at home one bag at a time

Produce Storage Bags made from 100% European Flax Linen
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Ambrosia Produce Storage Bags help you:

Extend the Life of Your Produce

Reduce Your Food Waste and Grocery Bills

Make the Environment HAPPIER by Reducing Plastic Bag Use

It's like a Win-Win-Win!
leafy vegetable

Get the most out of your fresh produce

We craft our produce bags locally with a commitment to paying fair-wage.

  • check Unbleached Raw Flax linen
  • check 1% For The Planet
  • check Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • check Manufactured In Southern California

"I can’t think of storing my veggies in anything else but Ambrosia Bags. They keep my veggies fresh for weeks!”

Chef Robin, Ojai

"These are the most amazing bags I’ve used! My berries stay fresh for weeks. And they never mold. Amazing! Say goodbye to plastic!” 

S, Los Angeles

"We LOVE Ambrosia Bags! We love the life of fresh produce being extended, thank you!”

T&N, Honolulu, Hawaii

"This bag changed how I store my veggies; I had to share them with my family! I can’t imagine life without Ambrosia Bags"

A & Family, Manhattan, NY

Chef Robin, Ojai
S, Los Angeles
T&N, Honolulu, Hawaii
A & Family, Manhattan, NY
Ambrosia Long-Life Linen

Get the Complete Set

Keep veggies, mushrooms, berries and greens FRESH FOR LONGER with our complete bag set!

We back our commitment to sustainability by shipping every order in recycled paper packaging with natural ink.

Even the shipping labels, tape, and adhesives are compostable and 100% non-toxic.

Make the most of your zero-waste journey with a complete set of high-quality, flax-linen Ambrosia bags!

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