New Year, New Fridge

leafy green vegetable in an Ambrosia linen produce bag

It’s that time of year again: the season for the dreaded New Year’s Resolution. 

But, what if we looked at resolutions a little differently this year? 

We don’t think you need to change a single thing about yourself. That moldy lettuce in your crisper drawer though? That… we think you can do without. Maybe in 2023, the only thing that needs an upgrade is your fridge. See, food waste is a huge issue that is devastating to both our environment and our bottom dollar. 

Ambrosia Bags let you extend the life of your produce (savings you big $$$ on the grocery budget) and help the planet by not having your spoiled food end up in landfills. 

So, why is food waste such a big deal anyway? We’re glad you asked. Let’s talk about it.


As a society, we seem to have a very “out of sight out of mind” philosophy when it comes to our trash. But sadly, that’s not the case. 

Did you know that food makes up more municipal waste annually than plastics, metals, glass, yard trimmings, wood, or even textiles and fast fashion?

And unfortunately, that decaying organic matter doesn’t just disappear, it creates CO2 and greenhouse gasses that are adding to climate change. 

According to the USDA, “Food loss and waste is estimated to be roughly one-third of the food intended for human consumption in the United States. When food is wasted, so too is the land, water, labor, energy, and other inputs that are used in producing, processing, transporting, preparing, storing, and disposing of the discarded food…food generates significant Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions and when food ends up in landfills, it generates methane, an even more potent greenhouse gas.”