leafy, root vegetables and berries stored in Ambrosia linen produce bags

Picture your great-grandmother’s kitchen: quaint and comfortable, full of reminders of family memories shared in the sacred space. And in the corner, a pantry full of shelves, with at least one or two shelves dedicated to preserved fruits and vegetables. 

The jars glisten in the sunlight, full of cucumbers, okra, other veggies, and fruit preserves, signaling the bountiful harvests of years past.

For centuries, humans worried about how to preserve food. The answer often came in the form of lacto-fermentation, the practice of jarring foods to preserve them. 

Most cultures throughout history utilized this simple practice, reflecting the importance of storing food for future use. Korean kimchi and Indian chutneys are examples of this, as are sauerkraut and yogurt. 

While this practice still has its place as a great source of probiotics and a way to store an abundant summer garden harvest, today we have more options, perhaps most notably in the form of refrigeration which allows vegetables and fruits to keep for days. 

At least, in theory. 

How often have you gone to use a head of lettuce only to find it’s gone mushy? Or had your berries mold within a day or two of purchase? 

The waste of produce can be sickening, especially when you consider how much effort and energy is spent growing those vegetables to ripeness, or how many people go without. 

That’s why we love our Ambrosia bags. Through simple yet innovative technology utilizing flax linen, they work to keep your produce fresher for longer, reducing waste and increasing your spending power. 

Our wonderful vegetable bag creates a moisture-loving biosphere that nurtures your green veggies and keeps them fresh.  Our phenomenal berry bag creates a dry atmosphere to keep your berries cool and ready to snack. We have even more options with our mushroom and herb bags, each designed to keep your produce at peak readiness. 

Our ancient history reflects the value of food preservation and conservation, and today you can honor that value by using our bags to keep your produce fresher for longer.